Security Deposits are due at the time the lease is signed. Each tenant will owe security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent.

First and Last Month’s Rent is due prior to move-in. Each tenant is required to pay the entire month’s rent for the first month of their lease prior to picking up keys.

Utilities need to be scheduled to be turned on the day the lease starts. Please contact the provider PRIOR to the start of your lease to avoid interruption of service.

Ameren CIPS (Electric and Gas) 888-789-2477

Macomb City Waterworks 309-833-2031
The water dept. requires a deposit of $100.00, before signing up for service.

 are not allowed unless you have permission from the landlord and have a pet agreement on file that has been signed by all tenants on the lease.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. If it is not paid after the grace period, there will be a late fee accessed as outlined in your lease.  We accept cash, money order, or checks made out to Justin Overstreet.

Renter’s Insurance is highly recommended. Renters insurance can protect your personal property against fire, theft, flooding, vandalism etc. You may want to check you parent’s homeowner’s policy for coverage while you are a full-time student or purchase a renter’s insurance policy locally.

Mowing will be provided as a service to the tenants. All trash must be picked up at all times.  If you have pets please clean up after them.

Snow and Ice Removal is the tenants responsibility.  It is recommended to have a shovel and salt on hand for the winter months.

Past Due Balances for all tenants need to be addressed with the office prior to move-out. Keep in mind each tenant is equally responsible for one another’s balance until paid in full. This is your responsibility as a joint lessee. The property is rented under one lease.  You are all responsible for payment in full and condition of all areas of the property.

Basic Reminders:
  • Never unplug the sump pump.
  • Never turn off the furnace or turn the temperature below 60 degrees to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Clean dryer lint trap after each use.
  • Smoke detectors cannot be tampered or removed.
  • Do not place a hot grill in front of the building’s siding.
  • Do not flush refuse, sanitary napkins, cardboard tubes, diapers or paper towels into the toilet.
  • Call landlord right away for any type of water leak (from pipes, toilets, etc…)